silence unwanted call
Ever get a call that you didn’t want to answer? Like, never ever want to answer? Ever get woken up by by one of these callers? Sometimes your phone is on vibrate, and in this case it wouldn’t be a big deal. But I don’t even want to have to look at my phone if its, for instance, Time Warner Cable calling me to participate in some ridiculous survey.

So I came up with a little trick… I made a ringtone that is merely one second long of silence. You can download it [ here ].

Uncompresses it and drop the .m4r file into iTunes, and sync your iPhone. Then, in your iPhone, set this ringtone to each individual contact whom you never want to “hear” from again. I, for one, use it for ALL businesses. Obviously you will need to have these numbers saved in your phone for this to work.

This leads me to another tip: save business numbers in your phone as: 0.[business name] . This makes it appear at the bottom of your phone list– in effect separating your business contacts from your friends & family. You can even use a different number to start with if you want to further categorize them (e.g.: 1.[business name] , 2.[business name] , etc.)

Hope you all enjoy this tip! Leave any comments or questions below. Pass this link on to your friends and family who are lucky enough to have iPhones ;.)

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