If you aren’t familiar with exactly what “Amazon Associates” or “Wordpress” is, you should probably familiarize yourself with these terms before proceeding on. However, it may be well worth your time to do so. I’ve already made hundreds of dollars with Amazon Associates and Wordpress… for a very small investment of time. This article shows how to go beyond the basic implementations of Amazon Associates, with integration into a Wordpress-run website by way of plugins. The goal is to automate as much as possible, so that minimum effort will result in maximum reward.

…And so I began my search through the array of Amazon-related Wordpress plugins. They all seemed to do something different, and the descriptions of each were lengthy and scattered. I’ll start by identifying exactly what functionality it is that I’m looking for.

There are 3 main things that I’d like to have plugin(s) accomplish:

  • Automatic page crawler. Finds amazon related wording or ASINs & converts to a link with a popup
  • Sidebar widget with related products and amazon search
  • Footer widget with top recommended and best selling products

I installed, configured, and tested almost every Amazon related plugin I could find. Most were located in the wordpress.org database, but some I found elsewhere on the web. Since each plugin did something slightly different, I identified the basic functionality for each, and grouped them into categories.

These categories are:

  • widgets (those plugins that place content in the sidebar)
  • link-converters (plugins which alter links to include your amazon associate ID)
  • link-inserter (plugins which provide functionality to more easily build and insert links while writing a post)
  • xml-link-converter (plugins which use xml-like structure to insert links into posts)

Over the next few articles, I will identify the best plugin for each category, and show how they did (or did not) help accomplish the functionality I desired.

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